Automatic Mask Machine

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1.Brief introductionThis machine is mainly used for surgical mask making,it adopt the technology of ultrasonic welding and photoelectric controlling,can make the surgical mask with ear-loop at a time,the 1+2 design (one main body unit+two ear loop welding unit) can greatly improve the productivity,and also effectively avoiding hands contact with mask,sterile product is available,it’s really a ideal equipment of mask making….

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3 Ply Non Woven Folded Automatic Disposable CE approved Face Mask Production Machine


1.Equipment introduced:the plane went on two face mask machine is a mask body machine connected to a bypass machine, through the bypass machine and ear belt connected machines, when the machine starts mask body machine to produce the product by the conveyor belt conveyor to bypass machine, after in the transmission of masks to ear by the shunt machine belt welding machine for ear part of welding in order to achieve a full face mask finished products, the whole process to realize fully automated production process, does not need manual operation, namely a body machine connected to two ear machine, output can reach 100-120 pieces per minute.



2.Mask machine parameters

Number Name Parameter
1 Name Plane one – tow inner – ear mask machine
2 Model
3 Ultrasonic system 15/20KHz
4 Power 11Kw
5 air pressure 6Kg/cm³
6 efficiency 100-120pcs/min
7 Power 50/60Hz Ac220V
8 Weight 1600Kg
9 Size 6500*3500*1800MM


3.Main configuration

Main part Description Brand Original
Machine case Aluminum Alloy China
Electric control system PLC Panasonic Japan
Servo motor Inovance China
Power stabilizer EMI power filter Taiwan
Power protection Schneider France
Power supplier Meanwell Taiwan
Switch Schneider France
Welding system Ultrasonic generator Mingyou Taiwan
Ultrasonic boost and transducer
Pneumatic system Air cylinder Airtac Taiwan
Pressure regulator
Solenoid valve
Air filter SMC Japan
Transmission system Guide rail Hiwin Taiwan
Bearing NSK Taiwan
Gear motor Dongma Korea
Running request Power supply AC220V±10%/50hz/
Air supply 0.5-0.7Mpa



Product advantages:

1 full automatic output, mask ontology has ears machine to automatically, reduce the labor costs, reduce interference May

2.The ear band machine does not need to wait for work, and the adaptive interactive processing system can comprehensively improve the productivity

3.Built-in anti-deformation and anti-displacement device, to ensure stability and reliability, all-weather 100% qualified input

4. Preset quantitative integrated output, neatly stacked, never scattered, hygienic and reliable

5. From the production mask ontology to meet bridge of the nose, ears with soluble ears with spot welding, fully automated, a molding, do not need any artificial operation:

6. The size of the nose bridge strip and the size of the body can be configured according to the drawings provided by the customer.a1b9e215c3ab55875046c96eeacea8241c55b4084e063ba1dc57f94ecd613aa91e68e8ef485339e5cee6727c37030

7. Face mask folding can be adjusted according to their own needs

8. The machine adopts computer programmed control and photoelectric detection, which improves the stability of the machine and reduces the failure rate of the machine

9. The machine adopts frequency conversion control to accurately control the production efficiency and production speed. Users can also adjust the production speed according to their own actual situation.

10. Compared with semi-automatic equipment, this set of equipment has higher efficiency, humanized design and convenient operation, which solves the problems of low working efficiency, difficult recruitment and high wages of workers in mask manufacturing enterprises.

11. From the production of the mask itself to the welding of the bridge of the nose and the spot welding of the ear strap, the product packaging is completely automated and can be completed in one time without any manual work

12. The size and length of the nose bar can be configured according to customer requirements;

13. Feeding system: the machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and strong, automatic feeding system, setting of tensioning degree, adjusting the tensioning degree of the cloth, thus effectively ensuring the beauty and flatness of the finished product;

14. The folding position of the mask can be adjusted freely according to requirements, with accurate positioning and no displacement

15. Control system:

(1) computer programmed control photoelectric detection device, high stability, low failure rate

(2) automatic counting, can accurately control the production efficiency and production speed;

(3) variable frequency control, the user can adjust the production speed according to the actual needs;

(4) rotary control box, the user can adjust the operation direction according to the actual needs

(5) discharge system: photoelectric induction, automatic electrostatic removal device, automatic product receiving device


Welding principle:by means of air compressor to provide air power into the cylinder for a linear reciprocating motion of gas and raising the pressure in compressor cylinder piston compression air supply from one side of the piston can produce pressure, air pressure forces the pistons to generate thrust, through the titanium alloy welding head with two ultrasonic welding head surface rubbing against each other (high frequency vibration of tens of thousands of times per second) to form a fusion between the molecular layer





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