Carry Bag Making Machine

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This equipment can make non-woven three-dimensional bag and peace pocket, put the material using automatic tension and automatic correction system, after feeding using frequency conversion motor, synchronization control by main motor, to maintain stable and constant tension, the bag is neat and beautiful, the bottom of the heat seal using triangular ultrasonic, stepper motor drive pressure roller bag indentation, so that the bag is stronger and easy to fold. The machine is fast and easy to operate. With automatic stop, automatic counting, synchronous drilling and other functions….

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RUIAN XINDA PACKING Machinery CO., Ltdis the professional manufacturer and export of

NONWOVEN BAG MAKING MACHINE in China.Our company has profuse designs with series

quality grade, and expressly, our price is verycompetitive, because we are manufactory.

Our factory developed about forty types of machines in over ten varieties. By ISO9001:2000

quality system attestation, accord with GMP attestation request.All tasks from casting to

metal machining, and general assembly are accomplished ourselves.

We have professional export office, with an experienced and professional team, they will

service in whole business. By excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect after-service,our

products have been sold in many countries and regions all over the world, Such as United

States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand

and Vietnam etc, these products are very popular with the customers there.


How To Choose The Suitable Ultrasonic

At present, the main heat sealing process of the automatic non-woven bag making machineon the marketis ultrasonic heat sealing,so non-woven bag making machine also named ultrasonic bag making machine. But how to choose the ultrasonic ? What are the requirements for ultrasonic of different nonwoven materials and thicknesses?

In general, the ultrasonic currently used in non-woven bag making machines that mainly have low-power ultrasonic of 20KHZ (1500W) and high-power ultrasonic of 15KHZ (2600W).Low-power ultrasonic are suitable for the fabrics which less than 30GSM, such as T-shirt bag,then high-power ultrasonic is mainly suitable for thicker fabrics and the weight is more than 60-80GSM, such as non-woven handbags, laminated non woven bags. Customers should according to their own order requirements,then to choose the right ultrasonic specifications.In order to achieve the desired heat sealing effect.

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Optional machine :P unching equipment for U-cut bag


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