Detailed introduction of ultrasonic spot welding machine knowledge

Ultrasonic automatic welding machines are very common in industrial production. It transmits a certain amount of ultrasonic waves to raise the apparent temperature of the two components that must be integrated and dissolve quickly. The transmission of the ultrasonic waves is then terminated, reducing the apparent temperature of the components, allowing them to join together; not only increasing the efficiency of industrial production, but also providing convenience for employees. So, what are the components of ultrasonic DC welding machine, an efficient industrial production equipment? What is the principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine?
Brief introduction of ultrasonic spot welding machine.
Ultrasonic spot welding machine is divided into: ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, riveting spot welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, ultrasonic metal material welding machine, ultrasonic electric welding machine, etc.
Components of an ultrasonic spot welder.
The key components of ultrasonic electric automatic welding machine can be divided into:
Generator, pneumatic part, system control part and its transducer part.
The main task of the generator is to convert the DC 50HZ switching power supply into high-frequency (20KHZ) high-voltage electromagnetic waves according to the electronic circuit.
The main task of the pneumatic part is to perform daily tasks such as pressure charging and pressure testing in the production and processing process.
The system control part ensures the work content of the operating equipment, and then ensures the actual effect of synchronous production.
Part of the transducer’s task is to further convert the high-voltage electromagnetic waves formed by the generator into vibration analysis, and then, depending on the transmission, to produce machined surfaces.
Mini Ultrasonic Spot Welder.
The principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine.
The welding principle of the ultrasonic metal material DC welding machine is to convert the current of 50/60HZ into electromagnetic energy of 15.20 thousand HZ according to the ultrasonic generator. Then, the high-frequency electromagnetic energy converted by the transducer will be converted into molecular thermal motion of the same frequency again, and then the fitness motion of the mechanical equipment will be transmitted to the welding head of the ultrasonic DC welding machine according to a set of amplitude modulator mechanical equipment that can change the amplitude .
The welding head is then subjected to vibration, which then transmits kinetic energy to the junction of the parts waiting to be welded. Here, the kinetic energy of the vibration is further converted into heat through methods such as frictional vibration and melts the plastic. When the vibrations are terminated, the short-term burden of holding the product workpiece will allow the two weldments to bond with the molecular structure.
Features of ultrasonic spot welding equipment.
1. High-quality imported ultrasonic transducer with strong output power and good reliability.
2. The overall design is exquisite, small in size, and does not occupy indoor space.
3. The output power of 500W is larger than other general commodities, and the output power is strong.
4. The key components are imported and assembled with high quality.
5. Mild noise to protect the office environment.
The working characteristics of ultrasonic spot welding machine.
Fast – 0.01-9.99 seconds per welding time.
Compressive strength – can withstand enough tensile force, more than 20kg.
Quality – Welding actual effect is exquisite.
Economic development – no glue. Saving raw materials and manpower. Controlling costs.
Ultrasonic spot welding machine operation method.
1. Connect one end of the cable to the output operation cable terminal on the vibrating cylinder, and the other end to the output frequency conversion cable power socket on the back of the power box, and tighten it.
2. Clean the joint surface of the welding head, connect it to the transducer of the vibrating cylinder, and tighten it with a wrench. Note: When connecting, make sure that the two joint surfaces between the welding head and the transducer are consistent and tighten. Because the connecting screw is too long or the sliding teeth cannot be tightened, it will hinder the audio transmission and damage the remote server.
3. When loading, unloading and transporting the welding head, the welding and transducer must be clamped with two wrenches, not only partially jammed or loaded and unloaded, so as not to damage the portable vibrating cylinder.
4. After checking the installation safety at point 1.2, insert the power plug into the power socket, turn the main switch of the power supply, and the indicator light is on.
5. Squeeze the audio automatic switch. At this time, when the audio frequency is transmitted to the welding head, the sizzling sound of the welding head can be heard, indicating that the remote server is running normally and can be delivered for use.
6. When the machine is found to be abnormal during work, it is not allowed to disassemble the machine equipment without authorization. Please notify the supplier or send the machine to the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance.
Digital ultrasonic spot welding machine.
Application scope of ultrasonic spot welding machine.
1. Plastic toys. High pressure water gun. Fish tank aquarium video game console. Children’s dolls. Plastic gifts, etc.;
2. Electronic equipment: audio. Tape boxes and core wheels. Hard disk cases. Solar panels and low-voltage transformers on mobile phones. Socket switches.
3. Electrical products: electronic clock. Hair dryer. Water storage tank for electric iron.
4. Stationery daily necessities: stationery bag, fish tank aquarium ruler, folder name seam and case, pen holder, cosmetic box shell, toothpaste tube seal, cosmetic mirror, thermos cup, lighter, seasoning bottle and other sealed utensils.
5. Vehicles. Motorcycles: Batteries. Front corner lights. Rear headlights. Dashboards. Reflective surfaces, etc.
6. Sports industry applications: table tennis competitions, table tennis rackets, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, golf equipment, billiard tablecloths, household treadmill rollers, hula hoop grips, treadmills, household treadmill spare parts, jump boxes, gymnastics mats, boxing Gloves. Boxing sandbags. Sanda protective gear. Way signs. X display racks and other sports equipment are widely used in ultrasonic plastic welding machines for plastic spot welding.
7. Hardware and mechanical parts. Rolling bearings. Pneumatic seals. Electronic components. Electronic optical components. The output power ranges from 100W to 5000W, and the tank type can also be made according to customer needs. Immersion, heating, high density, low frequency and other non-standard unique models.
8. Textile and garment factories. Ultrasonic lace figure dissolving machine is used in the field of processing technology and decoration. Ultrasonic cotton machine. Ultrasonic lace machine. Ultrasonic protective mask rib spotting machine is a new production process in this field, which is conducive to improving product level, improving production efficiency and reducing work intensity.
Fully automatic frequency tracking
The advantages of ultrasonic spot welding machine.
Ultrasonic welding is an advanced process with the advantages of being fast, clean and safe to complete plastic parts. The copper sheets are closely connected, and Japanese parts are selected, and the high-power characteristics are reliable; various maintenance power circuits bring effective welding processes to the company and reduce product costs. Delicate, convenient, easy to use and so on.

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