New ideas for the development of non-woven bag making machine industry.

First of all, we need to improve the technical content and level of our products. The vast majority of China’s non-woven industry still uses conventional coiled materials and products produced by a single process, and the technical content and grade of the products are not high. Melt blown non-woven fabric used to prevent and treat SARS can shield blood and even bacteria, but it can not effectively block the virus. Some non-woven bag making machine experts pointed out that if antibacterial materials are added or corresponding anti-virus treatment is carried out, it is possible to develop medical masks and other protective articles with better protective functions. Of course, this can only be accomplished with the joint efforts of relevant disciplines. Innovative technology is the lifeblood of enterprise development. At present, the whole industry will be reshuffled and stick to the old ideas. Enterprises that blindly imitate and follow the trend are doomed to be eliminated by the market.

It is necessary to expand the application field of non-woven products of automatic non-woven bag making machine. Taking medical non-woven fabrics as an example, most of the disposable protective clothing produced by Chinese enterprises is used for general medical staff surgery. Inspired by the practice of SARS prevention, many people suggested that protective clothing should be developed for different medical staff, different bacteria and different grades in the future. If enterprises only focus on a few mature products, it will inevitably lead to low-level repeated construction in the industry.

To expand the scale, we need to enhance our rapid response capacity. Most non-woven enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, and most of them have only 1 to 2 production lines, with a production capacity of about 1000 tons. It is difficult to form a competitive advantage in the international market. At the beginning of the outbreak of SARS, the main reason why the supply of non-woven products exceeded the demand was that the enterprise had a single production, and the market strain and variety conversion capacity were insufficient. In the future, qualified enterprises should gradually form a group of upstream and downstream enterprises to improve their ability to respond to market changes quickly and proactively.

It is necessary to standardize industrial technical standards and improve product testing institutions. The technical standards for non-woven medical protective clothing were formulated by the relevant national departments after the SARS outbreak. The industry should learn from it, formulate or improve the technical standards for non-woven fabrics and their products used in other fields as soon as possible, and establish and improve the authoritative testing institutions, so that enterprises can produce according to the standards and ensure product quality.

Post time: Dec-05-2022