Why Non Woven Bag Is Eco-friendly?

How to make a non woven bag?

1. Firstly

we should prepare the non woven fabric

Question: what’s the non woven fabric?

Answer: Non woven is a fabric-like material made from staple fiber (short) and long fibers (continuous long), bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment

you can produce yourself or purchase from the non woven fabric supplier,generally speaking,the shopping bag is made of pp(polypropylene) non woven

but also small number shopping bag made of PET.

The process of non woven fabric making↓



Question:Why the non woven bag is ECO-friendiy?

The nonwoven bag is much stronger than plastic bag,it’s rensable,can reduce the single use plastic bag use.On the other hand,as the special process of the fabric,the non woven bag is easy to degradable,the experiment testify that the degradation period is 3-4 months in a natural environment.

The non woven bag can be divided into two main types, the one is ultrasonic make, another one is hand made.

Ⅰ.The main process of ultrasonic make non woven bag as below(printing can be before or after bag is finished)


1. Flat bag with handle

Roll fabric Loading-feeding–bag mouth folding and sealing–folding-(bottom gusset)online handle attaching—side sealing–cutting-finish bag.

2. Box bag with handle bag

Roll fabric Loading-feeding–bag mouth folding and sealing–folding–bottom gusset-

Triangle sealing– online handle attaching–triangle punching—side sealing–cutting-finish bag.

3. U-cut bag

Roll fabric Loading–feeding–folding– side sealing–side gusset–bag bottom&top sealing

–U-cut punching–finish bag

4. D-cut bag

Roll fabric Loading-feeding–bag mouth folding and sealing–folding-(bottom gusset)–D-cut punching–side sealing–cutting-finish bag.


5.string bag

Roll fabric Loading-feeding–rope through-bag mouth folding and sealing–folding-L-cut punching—side sealing–cutting-finish bag.

6.one time forming box bag

Roll fabric loading-feeding-side folding—handle attaching—roll to sheet cutting—bag forming—automatically bag tidy up.


Ⅱ.main process of hand-made non woven bag

roll to roll printing—Roll to sheet cutting—-sewing the handle and bag side—finish bag


Post time: Apr-25-2022