Automatic Carry Bag Making Machine

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Fully automatic nonwoven bag making machine with online handle attaching, this model combined with a variety of functions, through a simple adjustment can produce different bag type,…

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4in1 automatic nonwoven bag making machine with online handle attaching


1.Main Technical Parameters




3.ServiceDear buyer,

In order to offer you the best suitable machine, better to offer the following specifications before you sending us the inquiry. All suppliers can send you the sample quotation, but we hope to send you the best offer after we getting your clear requirement.

1. Which kind of bags you want to produce? (pls. study your market well)
2. What is the max dimension of bag’s width and length?
3. Will you need to print color on bags?

Non woven Bag Making Machinery / Automatic Non-woven Flat Bag /Nonwoven T shirt Bag Making Machine

We have different type of nonwoven bag making machine:


4.Main components




1.We welcome the customers to visit the factory and we will pick you up.


2.Our machines use famous brand parts and test every part of the machine in the process of production.


3.Our engineers can install machines for you, and we can also train your employees until they can operate the machine independently. Of course, you can learn and install in our factory


4.We can provide a warranty of 14 months. If the machine has a non-human failure (except for vulnerable parts), we will provide you with a maintenance plan.


5.Welcome to send us an inquiry



Optional machine :P unching equipment for U-cut bag



Associate machine



Spare parts for free



Bag sample






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