Why are more and more people using non-woven bag making machines?

Why are more and more people using non-woven bag making machines?

The non-woven fabric bag making machine is applicable to non-woven fabric, which can process non-woven fabric bags of different specifications and shapes, advertising bags, gift bags, purse bags, handbags, leather bags, etc. The non-woven fabric bag making machine integrates machine and electricity, and uses touch screen for operation. Step by step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable. The automatic counting can set the counting alarm, automatic punching and other industrial control devices, so that the finished products can be sealed firmly and cut beautifully. High speed and efficiency, it is the highest quality environment-friendly bag making equipment that we can use with confidence.

The non-woven fabric bag making machine delivers powder (colloid or liquid) to the hopper above the packaging machine on a real time basis by the feeder. The introduction speed is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device. The rolled sealing paper (or other packaging materials) is driven by the guide roller and introduced to the lapel former. After being bent, it is lapped by the longitudinal sealer into a cylinder. The materials are automatically metered and filled into the bag, The transverse sealer pulls the bag cylinder down intermittently while performing heat sealing cutting, and finally forms a flat bag with lapped longitudinal seam sealing on three sides to complete the sealing of a bag.

The automatic non-woven bag making machine processes plastic or other material bags of different sizes, thicknesses and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic bags are the main products. Of course, non-woven bag making machine is mainly a product of textile. It can not only produce non-woven bag products, but also make plastic bags.

The features of the non-woven bag making machine can realize full automation, requiring only 1~2 people to operate, and can adjust the production speed and product size within a certain range. The multi-functional full-automatic non-woven bag making machine uses touch screen operation, equipped with step type fixed length, photoelectric tracking (accurate and stable operation), automatic counting (counting alarm can be set), automatic punching and other industrial control devices. At the same time, in order to further achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection, it has the function of recycling surplus materials in the production process. It automatically collects the waste materials left in the production process, which is conducive to secondary utilization, reduces labor intensity and increases work efficiency.

This is why more and more enterprises and individuals widely use non-woven bag making machines in the production process. The 21st century is a low-carbon and environment-friendly century. Non woven bag products are used more and more widely, so it is no wonder that more and more people use non-woven bag making machines.

Post time: Dec-12-2022