Automatic Shopping Bag Making Machine

Short Description:

This machine is a kind of ideal equipment for non-woven fabric(with printing or not) shopping bag, U-cut bag, pillow bag, shoes bag, ribbon through bag, box bag etc. Automatic punching, automatic counting and alarm, automatic loading, stop automatically when the label lost….

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.Nonwoven fabric usage:

(1)Medical and health usage:operation suit,garment,face mask,diaper,sanitary napkin,disposable hygiene product.etc;

(2)Home decoration:shopping bag,wall covering fabric,table cloth,bed sheet,bedspread.etc;

(3)Lining for clothes or shoes:lining,adhesive interlining,shoe lining.etc;

(4)Agricultural usage:Protection cover,nursery cover.etc;

2.Bag information


Non Woven Zipper Bag (making online)

Bag Length: 100-800 mm
Bag High: 200-580 mm
Bottom Gusset: 0-180 mm

Non Woven D-cut Bag (making online)

D-cut bag with or without bottom
Bag Length: 100-800 mm
Bag High: 200-580 mm
Bottom Gusset: 0-180 mm

Non Woven Shoes Bag (making online)

Shoes bag also named drawsring bag
Bag Length: 100-800 mm
Bag High: 200-580 mm

Non Woven T-shirt Bag (need make separately)

need extra mouth punching machine
Bag Length: 10-500 mm
Bag High: 100-800 mm
Bag Gusset: 0-180 mm

Corollary Equipment

Hydraulic Presure Punching Machine (30-50pcs.min)

Automatic T-shirt Punching Machine(20-30pcs.min)

Non Woven Handle Bag (need make separately)

Handle bag with or without bottom
Bag Length: 300-800 mm
Bag High: 200-580 mm
Bottom Gusset: 0-180 mm
Handle Length: 390-600 mm
Handle Width: 50-60 mm





1. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.

2.We will send you the machine's situation if you want.

3.We are pleasrue that if you can come to china and see our product.

4. After sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.

5. If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

6.In order to keep our business relationship,the quality and the price will all be the most best.


1.Paper plate size, such as diameter, depth, length,width etc.

1. The feeding rack is lengthened, and the maximum diameter of feeding is 20% larger than that of similar equipment, so as to reduce the feeding times and save the feeding time.

2. Frequency conversion motor feeding, synchronous feeding with the host, one-button operation.

3. The audion of the ultrasonic generator is made by Toshiba of Japan, which is stable and durable.

4. High-quality aluminum roller, reducing the resistance in the transmission of the cloth, so that the cloth to maintain a constant tension.

5. Imported bearing, low resistance.

6.Spare parts for free


Optional machine :P unching equipment for U-cut bag


Associate machine


Main non woven machine


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