Face Mask Making Machine

Short Description:

This machine is mainly used for surgical mask making,it adopt the technology of ultrasonic welding and photoelectric controlling,can make the surgical mask with ear-loop at a time,the 1+2 design (one main body unit+two ear loop welding unit) can greatly improve the productivity,and also effectively avoiding hands contact with mask,sterile product is available,it’s really a ideal equipment of mask making….

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Face Mask Making MachineProcedure

Raw material feeding-> Nose clipfeeding->Welding the outline of the mask -> Mask Forming


1. Film machine

2. Shunt

3. Bridge feeding machine

4. External ear welding machine

5. Belt conveyor


1. Machine Specification

Ultrasonic 20K image
Touch Screen WEINVIEW image
Bridge Device Better place the bridge of nose into the mask image
Embossing Roller Φ83MM image
Cutter Φ83MM image
C45 Switch CHINT image
Contactor CHINT image
Three Fold Folding Knife 1 SET image
Conveying Table Delivery mask image


2.Machine advantage

vMachine case body is made of aluminum alloy,rust and corrosion resistance,with a good antibacterial property。

vMask body and ear loop is welded by high quality ultrasonic,solder joint with high firmness and good look

v1+2 design (one main body +two ear loop welding device) can greatly improve the productivity and save space

vAutomatic stacker,reduce labor cost

vPlc control,easy to operate and high efficient



4.Main parameter

Model XD-FM12 Dimension 6500*3500*1800MM
Capacity 100-120pcs/min Machine weight 1600KG
Total power 11KW Detection method Photoelectric

5.Main configuration

Main part Description Brand Original
Machine case Aluminum Alloy China
Electric control system PLC Panasonic Japan
Servo motor Inovance China
Power stabilizer EMI power filter Taiwan
Power protection Schneider France
Power supplier Meanwell Taiwan
Switch Schneider France
Welding system Ultrasonic generator Mingyou Taiwan
Ultrasonic boost and transducer
Pneumatic system Air cylinder Airtac Taiwan
Pressure regulator
Solenoid valve
Air filter SMC Japan
Transmission system Guide rail Hiwin Taiwan
Bearing NSK Taiwan
Gear motor Dongma Korea
Running request Power supply AC220V±10%/50hz/
Air supply 0.5-0.7Mpa

Warnings and cautions

In order to avoid injury and damage to the product and its related products, please follow the safety warnings andprecautions below before use. To avoid potential danger, please use as specified.

Please follow the instructions specified in this guide, otherwise the protection provided by the device may be weakenedand damaged.

Install the device in a clean, dry and level environment and connect and remove it properly.

Use regular voltage and ground protection to prevent electric shock and other accidents.

In order not to cause special failures, please remove the electromagnetic substance to ensure that there is noelectromagnetic field around the product controller. Please do not operate in the presence of potential errors. If you are not sure that this will not cause damage to the equipment, please check with a professional Confirm it beforeproceeding.

Do not operate in explosive air.

Do not open the housing of the controller or module parts.

Safety Precautions

In order to use the product correctly and safely to prevent accidents, please read the “Safety Precautions” carefullybefore using.

Precautions are composed of “Warning” and “Caution” and other contents. For the corresponding detailed description,

please refer to the “mark description table” below.


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